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Vision Service Plan (VSP)

vsp logoNSVC welcomes VSP participants to our practice. We are preferred providers with VSP, the nation's largest vision care plan. VSP provides a full array of coverage for eye care and associated materials and services. There are hundreds of VSP plans available to employers to select from, and each provides different benefits for its members. It is critical that you inform our office staff at the time you schedule your appointment that you are a VSP member. This way we can contact VSP prior to your visit to obtain your specific benefits description. In most cases VSP plans do not cover 100% of expenses, and as such you should expect there to be out of pocket expenses which must be paid for at the time of service. a review of your VSP benefits and comparison to usual and customary fees will take place during your visit to NSVC.

Most (not all) VSP plans provide for a comprehensive eye examination (with a co-payment on the member's part). Depending on the specific plan, variable allowances and discounts are applied to the cost of frames, lenses, and contact lenses. One advantage of VSP over most other vision plans is that you are not limited to a certain selection of frames, lenses, or contact lenses. Your doctor and your optician will recommend the best options for you, just as we do for our patients who do not have a vision plan. Any costs above and beyond what VSP covers will be presented to you at that time. Due to this fact, it is impossible to determine before your visit what your out of pocket expenses will be. Keep in mind that our office deals with all of the hundreds of VSP plans in addition to the multitude of other insurance plans. Please understand that we will do everything possible to work with your specific plan to provide you with the best care, materials, and benefits possible.

Medical eye care services are typically not covered by VSP. If you require medical eye care services we will work along with your medical insurance carrier to help you receive your maximum benefit. Examples of conditions covered under medical coverage include; diagnosis and treatment of eye infections, injuries, glaucoma, retina problems, etc. As an added service to you, NSVC through its insurance billing and coding service, will submit all medically related eye service claims directly to your medical insurance carrier for you at no charge! If we are preferred providers in your medical plan then we will accept direct payment from the carrier, if we are not, we will still submit the claim for you after you pay for your services directly to our office. Insurance payment will then be made to you directly from your carrier. Some limited VSP programs do provide medical eye care coverage (called “Primary Eye Care Services”). If your plan has this benefit and you require medical eye services, we will bill VSP for them directly for you.

Contact lens related services (not materials) are not considered by VSP to be part of a comprehensive eye examination. If you wear contact lenses we will provide a diagnostic contact lens evaluation at the time of your eye examination or at a separate visit (to be determined by your doctor). The fee for this service varies according to the complexity of the case. The fee for the diagnostic contact lens evaluation is discounted for you according to a pre-determined VSP formula. Should you require a re-fitting into a new material or design of contact lens then appropriate contact lens after care or follow up care is required to make sure that your eyes are responding appropriately in terms of vision, comfort, and eye health to the new type of contact lenses. The fees for contact lens after care/follow up care again varies according to the complexity of the case and also is discounted from usual and customary fees according to a pre-determined VSP formula.

Contact lens materials are subject to an allowance / discount under VSP. The dollar amount corresponding to the allowance varies according to the specific plan you have. The contact lens allowance can only be used if contact lens materials are purchased from the practice directly. With the allowance, your cost for contact lens materials is typically far lower than that available from any other resource.

No matter what your VSP contact lens benefit is, you can be assured that at NSVC, the preeminent contact lens practice in the greater Chicago area, you will receive the highest level of care in terms of contact lens services and materials.

Most VSP plans allow you to use either the contact lens allowance or the glasses coverage, NOT BOTH. Should you desire to purchase both glasses and contact lenses we suggest that you utilize the contact lens allowance for your contact lens materials and in addition you will receive a 20% discount on new glasses purchases. This provides a "double benefit" for you!