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Flex Spending Information

What are Flex Spending and Medical Savings accounts? These are programs designed and approved by the government to allow you put aside "pre-tax dollars" in an account to use for medical and other related expenses that are not covered under your routine health insurance. In general, these funds must be allotted the year before use and must be used in most cases by the end of the following year or they are forfeited ("use it or lose it!"). The obvious benefit is that you are using dollars before they are taxed by the local, state, or federal government! To find out if you have such an account, you should check with your employer's benefits coordinator.

What can I use flex spending on in terms of eye care? You can use it for any and all services and materials not covered by other insurance plans you may have. Examples include glasses, contact lenses, corneal reshaping therapy, vision therapy and rehabilitation, refractive surgery, etc. You can also use dollars from these accounts to pay for unmet deductibles, co-pays, co-insurance, and other amounts not totally paid for by you health insurance plan. It is often logical to try to plan your flex expenses prior to setting aside the amount you choose. Please speak with any of our associates at NSVC to help plan out next year's flex accounts. Most importantly, don't forget to use all of your remaining flex dollars before the end of the year!