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Facial Fillers

At North Suburban Vision Consultants, we’re proud to offer an aesthetic division.  It is our ongoing goal to offer you the best treatment in not only your vision and eye health… but your overall facial appearance as well.

Juvéderm®, the #1 selling collection of fillers in the United States, includes several formulations to treat different areas of the face.  Board certified oculoplastic surgeon Kathleen Albrecht, MD will customize your treatment to your needs to deliver natural-looking, long-lasting results.

How can Juvéderm® help me?

The Juvéderm® collection of facial fillers is safely designed to be used on various parts of the face, depending on your specific concern and desired areas of treatment.

Juvéderm® can help you with the following:

  • Smooth moderate to severe lines, wrinkles and folds of the face
  • Non-surgically restore volume loss of facial areas
  • Promote skin elasticity and moisture 

Before and After Photos:

juvederm karla front
(Photos courtesy of Allergan)

juvederm abbey front
(Photos courtesy of Allergan)

juvederm thomas front
(Photos courtesy of Allergan)

Who is a candidate for Juvéderm®? 

Lines and wrinkles are not the only signs of aging.  Midface volume loss is common and can be very apparent.  Men and women alike lose facial fullness as they age, which can commonly affect confidence levels and performance in day to day activities.  Men and women who are looking to correct signs of aging, look more cheerful and approachable, well rested and energetic, outgoing not withdrawn and youthful overall, are excellent candidates.  Schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Kathleen Albrecht to find out if Juvéderm® is right for you. 

Is there any down time?

In most cases patients are able to return to normal activity as soon as they leave their appointment.

How long do the results last when a patient is treated with Juvéderm®?

Although results and duration of treatment vary per patient, expected results are 1-2 years.  During your complimentary consultation, Dr. Kathleen Albrecht will review your customized treatment, as well as the expected duration for the results and follow up schedule.

To book your complimentary consultation or for further information on how to achieve a youthful, natural appearance, please call our office at 847-412-0311 or click here.