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BOTOX Cosmetic

At North Suburban Vision Consultants, our aesthetic division is proud to work with the name and brand heard round the world: BOTOX® Cosmetic.  After all, we know that once we’ve helped you with your vision concerns, you’ll want to work on treating other signs of facial aging as well.

That’s why we have board certified oculoplastic surgeon Kathleen Albrecht, MD providing you, our patients, with world class treatment and services.

BOTOX® Cosmetic is used to treat crow’s feet and soften wrinkle around the forehead and in between eyebrow areas.  Constant facial expressions including, scowling, burrowing and raising of the eyebrows, as well as squinting can lead to increased wrinkles starting around age 20, for both men and women alike.  With BOTOX® Cosmetic, a natural and relax look can be achieved for the right candidate.   

View our before and after photos here:

botox cynthia front
(Photos courtesy of Allergan)

botox cynthia side
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botox jim front
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botox jim side
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botox stephen front
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botox stephen side
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How do I know if I’m a candidate for BOTOX® Cosmetic, and what’s involved in a consult?

Both women and men, alike, are usually great candidates.  If you are bothered by your crow’s feet, the wrinkles on your forehead and/or in between the brow area, you may be a candidate for BOTOX® Cosmetic.  We encourage you to schedule a complementary consultation with Dr. Kathleen Albrecht to review the best course of treatment.  We will review your goals and customize a plan to achieve your desired results.

After a thorough consultation, the procedure can be performed by Dr. Kathleen Albrecht the same day.   Patients may return to their normal activities as soon as they leave the office, although they are instructed not to lie down for four hours following the treatment.

How long will my BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment last?

Each treatment lasts approximately 3 months, after which a follow-up is recommended to review the results and consider retreatment.  Individual results may vary.

To book your complimentary consultation or for further information on how to achieve a youthful, natural appearance, please call our office at 847-412-0311 or click here