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Amblyopia (Lazy Eye)

Amblyopia is the medical term for a lazy eye.  The most common misunderstanding is that amblyopia is the cause of reduced eyesight but recent research is helping us understand the conditioBrain photo.sn as much more than that.

Researchers have helped clinicians understand that a lazy eye is not lazy at all!  The reduced vision in the amblyopic eye is the result of an active process in the brain referred to as suppression.  Further, patching the better seeing eye does not directly address suppression. This recent research, an example of which can be read here, is creating a paradigm shift in the treatment of amblyopia. 

The old school methods of simply patching the better seeing eye as the only form of treatment is giving way to a new approach which is a binocular approach to treating amblyopia.  A binocular approach which targets breaking down suppression has been a mainstay of optometric vision therapy for decades.

For more information, visit Amblyopia Project

If you or your child suffer from amblyopia allow one of our doctors to help formulate a treatment plan utilizing the latest research.  Request and appointment today!